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Village Trekking in Nepal

Those people who wish to experience isolated parts of Nepal once upon make an exceptional tNagarkot Hikkingrek to untouched destinations. The most significant features of the regions offer you encounter with real Himalayan hubs, special experience about indigenous people's life style, diverse cultures, socio-economic situation as well as total sustainable eco-trekking.

The programs detail which are figured out for those area leads you to explore glimpse of the mountain where mainly inhabited by the natives- Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, Brahman, Chhetri and others including splendid views of snow clad peaks together.

The regions are rich with its natural beauty and conserved floral & faunal biodiversity. Other additional interesting add to your journey around many traditional cultural activities like Lamaism, Shamanism, Natural Herbal Medication, Food Habit, Colorful Culture shows in seasonal occasions while walking through the trail.

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Village Culture Tour: 5 days

Day 01: Kathmandu to Nagarkot (38 km)
  After breakfast program start from Kathmandu, on the way will be have beautiful views of Kathmandu valley ride through Bhaktapur city. Bhaktapur is an ancient city full of Newari culture with many temples and squares. After exploring Bhaktapur we onward northeast to Nagarkot through pitch road and slowly ride up 20km to Nagarkot with beautiful landscaping passing steeply terraced rice fields and houses. When we reach on the top, if weather is clear, we will be able to see the Himalayan range of Langtang and Khumbu region. Overnight at hotel/guest house.

Day 02: Nagarkot - Namo Buddha- Dhulikhel (35 km)
Early morning  sunrise view and beautiful Himalayas. After breakfast we ride downhill from Nagarkot top to Nala other Newari Village. On the way we pass some interesting villages of Chetri and Bharamans people and their daily lives on the fields. Then we proceed  on a dirt trail up and down small hill before reaching the holy Buddhist site of Namo Buddha. According to legend the Namobuddha area was surrounded by thick forest and one day Buddha was traveling there and he found one almost dead tigress with  baby suffering by starvation from that situation Buddha was impressed to save tigress and her baby feeding by his flesh he initiated feed from his right leg continue whole of his body, he remain just skeleton only and after slowly tigress became strong and saved her life by Buddha. After that place has been changed in to the holey Buddhist site and later by different religious people initiated to built Monastry, Stupa , statue around the hill and its became beautiful place for everybody by religiously, naturally  and culturally.A stone statue marks the site  after visiting that area  we follow the picturesque view along tarmac and dirt roads back to Dhulikhel where over night at hotel and enjoy sunrise in the morning.

Day 03: Namo Buddha to Pauwa - Timal Danda (36 km)
After breakfast trip proceeds to small hill mountain Timal Danda, where majority of Tamang people lives. First part of the riding up to Bhakunde Besi is fine pitched road and after onwards to north-east ride up Timal hill with beautiful landscaping views and local culture experience with full earth road up to Kot-timal and last stop Mechchhe Pauwa. From top of the Timal you will have fantastic views of Himalyan range and Sun koshi river valley to north and south to Mahabharat range.when you reach the top, the trail follows slightly up and downs passing  Tamang village  to Pauwa and overnight in tent.

Day 04: Pauwa to Dhulikhel (37 km)
After breakfast program continue same route back up to Kot-timal with natural beauty and local people’s life style experience. From Kot-timal the route goes fantastic downhill to Jhigukhola stream bed and  cross the stream to Panchal valley and follow the  track    to Tinpiple, after that we catch up Arniko high way  to Dhulikhel  and over night at hotel.

Day 05: Dhulukhel to Kathmandu via Lubhu Sisneri (33 km)
At the last  day after  breakfast program start  ridding through tiny ancient city  Panauti. Panauti is popular artistic small Newari ethnic town out of Kathmandu valley. It has oldest wood carving on the temple so art lover mostly visit this city and all the monuments were renovation by French Government during the 1990 and preserving by department of Archeology and local org. Indreswor Mahadev Temple is the oldest surviving temple in Nepal, believed to be constructed in 1294A.D.  after Panauti explore, we turn to west from the Panauti bus park  along the Roshi River. Beyond the town of Madhuban, we enter into a narrow pristine valley ascending 300m on superb trail to reach the summit of Lakhuri Bhanjyang. This is probably the oldest route east out of Kathmandu Valley, connecting the ancient cities of the valley with Panauti. The ethnicity of the people change as we descend from Tamangs, Thakuries and Chhetris to lowland Newari farmers. We then cycle the last part of our journey from Sisneri to Kathmandu city with short visit to Patan Durbar Square.

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