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Guide & Porters

Guide & Porters

Guide & Porters

Employee Policy
Mostly, we use only local community who are well train and trainee guide, porter and all supporting leaders and staff which help to sustain the local communities as well as more convenient. We provide the different training all our staff and trek leaders:

Intensive Wilderness First Aid
Trekking Guide Training
Eco Trek Workshop & Adventure Meet
Refreshment different language classes
Conservation & Biodiversity
Rock & Ice Climbing & Mountaineering (for expedition leaders)

We know about the difficulties of porters on the mountain while they are high elevation freezing outside tents while travellers revel inside. Absolute Adventure Treks really treat our guides and porters fairly. We appreciate the hard work our guides and porters perform, without them no trip would be possible.
Therefore we treat and obey the following Guide and Porter Policy to ensure the working conditions of our guides and porters are of a humane and fair standard. We continue to strive towards eliminating avoidable illness, injury and death. Here’s a quick run-through of our company’s policy in this regard:

Insurance: All our porters are insured well and covered for medical and rescue / evacuation services.

Weight limits: We allow a maximum weight limit of 30kg per porter for trekking. Many national and international companies force porters to carry more than 50 kg each.

Health and well-being: Our leading guides ensure that porters are treated fairly and in a hospitable manner. We ask our guests to inform the guide if a porter needs more attention in terms of health, food and sleep during the trip.

Awareness: Time to time we educate the porters about our environmental policies during the trip. The guides make sure the porters heed and apply these policies well. The porters, who are in charge of handling the waste generated during the trip, play an important role in proper waste management. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the porters in making the trip as environmentally responsible as possible.

Appropriate Clothes: We equip the porters with warm clothes, good shoes and all the necessary equipment for high altitude trekking. They are also provided adequate shelter, food, drink and wages.

Inspiration: Most of the young porters are future guides and also part time students. Leaders help and inspire the porters to grow as potential guides as all our trekking guides started as porters.