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We offer remarkable tour in Nepal from half day to 2 week holidays around Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Lumbini & Mount Everest of Nepal as per your time frame and budget - make your enjoyable visit to Nepal in 2020!

Nepal is a one of the most different and remarkable country in the south Asia for the tours and travel holiday those who love Nature, Culture, History, Geography as well as its own art, craft and wonderful architecture centuries of old Hindu and Buddhist temple, Stupas and Moasteries. This was land of kingdom since the beginning even it was many kingdoms and principalities they had the big competitions between them building beautiful Palaces and many more architecture design till 18th century. Ancient historical Palace squares, temples, monasteries, water fountain, well, pounds and many different public squares and people lives are the most interesting part of tours attraction. Because of, its historical, cultural architectural design buildings preservation with the temples and Stupas from centuries are the most significant architectural feature of Nepal. The Sightseeing tours basically Kathmandu valley one of the most famous place among the world top of the places that’s why the Kathmandu Valley is like a "open sky museum" which is covered by seven UNESCO world heritage sites separately.

There are many places near by Kathmandu for the short hiking, village tour and hill station could have scenic major mountain and Himalayas view .Except the Kathmandu valley, also money more best tours of Nepal which is high light Chitwan wildlife Safari, around Pokhara different nature and culture tour with magnificent mountain view of Annapurna, fishtail, Dhaulagiri and many more. Lumbini is birth place of Buddha another UNESCO cultural site most popular Buddhist religious place outside the Kathmandu valley Such many interesting historical, cultural, natural sites near outside and faraway from Kathmandu.

We have some few highlighted tour program packages offer in this website including Kathmandu and out of Kathmandu valley tours. We offer half day tour / hike to maximum 2 week. Our aim is how we can give as much as pleasurable holiday when our enthusiastic guest with us in our place. Absolute Adventure treks Pvt.Ltd. tried to combine some popular sites most of our packages on aspect of nature and cultural significant. As we are local tour company always our focus will be to ensure the guest have to very much chance to view and explore with most popular destinations.

Besides the sightseeing tours we also try to give something as guest interest other than regular program the most renown outdoor adventure sports like-wildlife safari activities, easy hiking, driving to view point of hill stations, easy mountain biking, soaring Everest mountain flight and scenic soft rafting trip etc.

Spirituality and Pilgrimage

Nepal is a one-stop spiritual destination. Every activity here revolves around finding yourself, seeking your roots, whether it be practicing yoga or going on a mighty trek or just visiting a temple.