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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal Himalayas

We have been conducting Nepal trekking tours and hiking holidays with precision and passion for almost 2 decades and would like to share the experience with you. Every trek is organized by our highly skilled and experienced guides who take you along the world famous Everest base camp to Annapurna Circuit and many more amazing destinations!

Nepal trekking, the activity that garners the maximum number of tourists in Nepal. With more than thousands of wanderers and explorers landing in Nepal from all around the globe, Nepal truly has breathtaking trekking havens and you can choose amongst hundreds of itineraries. From the spectacular Everest Base Camp to the divine Annapurna region, the mystical Upper Mustang, the alluring Dolpo and the thrilling Manaslu Circuit, Nepal, the home of eight of the top ten highest peaks in the world, offers some of the most beautiful landscapes with a blend of ravishing unique age old cultures and traditions.

With an unbeatable fusion of exquisite intrinsic beauty and striking culture, Nepal trekking truly has in store a great experience for you. With several off the beaten and some virgin tracks, Nepal is the epitome of a trekker's paradise. The organic rhythm of exploring and traversing on your two feet is a wonderful way to make meaningful contact with this extraordinary country as you walk through the forests of blossoming rhododendrons, divine temples and aesthetic monasteries, a multitude of exotic birds and animals, you will also encounter many small Alpine villages. Residing in these isolated hamlets, hospitable people with nothing but smiles who come from diverse cultures offer a fascinating glimpse of traditional rural life. All the while, in the background, every step of the way is graced by the magnificent presence of the majestic mountain peaks which make up the stunning panoramic views.

Nepal Trekking holiday, a 5 to 6 hours (10 to 15 km) series of ascents and descents past steep trails, serene waterfalls and streams is accommodated with a guide, cook, Sherpas and porters and on some occasion's pack animals. Trekking is not about a particular destination, but it's about the journey itself. While traveling at a modest pace, you observe and immerse yourself in nature, rural communities, and spectacular mountain panoramas. Do not be stunned if you cross snowfields in the morning and bathe in sub-tropical streams in the afternoon. For the most part, trekking trails are well traveled by local people, but remain unmarked without signposts.

In order to make your trek safe, informational, it is best to rely on trekking companies for trail finding and to get a better insight to the local people, culture, religion, and lifestyle. What makes up a trek in Nepal are the blooming forests of rhododendrons, winds from bamboo forests, gigantic oak trees, and delightful hemlock, visiting one or two villages each day and crossing rivers on log passages or suspension bridges. Our job is to ensure your comfort and safety as we take you where you want to go, at your own pace. We show you what you may not have seen without us, and help you discover things you had no idea were there!